Cookies Policy

What’s a cookie?

Cookies are small parts of data saved and used in order to improve the experience of use (of a site). For example they can save for a while your favorites, to make you avoid to choose language, making the following visits more comfortable. Or they are needed to make “anonymous surveys” on how other user surf the site, so that it can be improved starting from the real data. Cookies don’t record any personal data and the possible identifiable data won’t be saved. If you want to disable cookies it’s necessary customize your pc settings by setting the cancellation of the cookies or activating a notice when the cookies are saved. To proceed without editing cookies application you can just keep on surfing.

Are cookies dangerous?

Cookies are not viruses or programs. They’re just data saved textually in the shape “variable=value”. These data can be read only by the site that created them, and in many cases they have an expiry date, which once passed, the site will delete them automatically. Not all the cookies are used for the same aim: the different kinds of cookies will be described as follows.

Which kind of cookies are used by

We make use of two kinds of cookie files:

session cookies – they remain on your device until you leave the website or close the internet browser;
persistent cookies – they remain on your device for a specified time or until you delete them manually.

Cookies of third parties

When using cookie technology, we collect only anonymous, statistical data about the users. The data is used to improve the comfort in using the service and to minimize the nuisance of advertisements. We do not collect any information that could identify the users as individuals or our customers.

I don’t want to use cookies how can I disable them?

It is possible to set your browser used to surf to delete or prevent the installation of the cookies. The user can check which cookies are installed, which is their last and delete them. The steps to make those operations depend on the browser.
Following there are the guides for the most spreaded browsers:

Internet Explorer
Mozilla Firefox

Disabling some cookies might obstruct the access to and the good operation of the pages.